EMP Robotics 2017-2018

Park Hill South Robotics is part of the FIRST Robotics Challenge. Our team number and name is 5126 Electromagnetic Robotics (EMP). The purpose of our team is For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. This is a unique extracurricular activity that gives students hands on experience in many fields including engineering, programming, electronics, marketing, business, and graphic design. Our belief is that members of Robotics can take what they are learning in the classroom and apply it to real life skills in a tangible way.

Now entering our 5th year, we have grown from 6 students to over 50 students. We are an open membership team and believe that anyone should be allowed to join. Our female percentage has gone from 0% in our first year to over 25% for our current roster.

The goal is for the team to be mainly student run. We have an executive board that structures the meetings and sets team goals for the year. Our students have help start an FLL team at Lakeview and help mentor during their meetings. We participate in many STEM programs in the elementary schools through the year. It is truly amazing what these high school students have accomplished in promoting the values of FIRST robotics in the past few years and we feel that we are just getting started.

To help fund our team, we have had donations from individuals and business, but that normally covers our entry fee for the Greater Kansas City regional. The donations from INVEST allowed us to participate in a second competition for the first time last year. That experience was a catalyst for many students deciding to fully investing in developing their skills for a possible career in the fields that relate to FIRST Robotics. We will host a Trivia night fundraiser in October to raise money for travel and parts.

We are looking to have a successful season by building a competitive robot that will earn us our first playoff berth in school history. We also look to developing a quality resume for the numerous awards for FIRST robotics teams including entrepreneurship, business, and engineering design.

Deadline: 6/30/2018

Contact Information
Name: Danny Henson
Title: Math Teacher / PHS Robotics Coach
School: Park Hill South High School
E-Mail Address: hensond@parkhill.k12.mo.us

Grant Information
Amount Requested: $21000
Budget Details: This year we plan to register in two region competitions which will cost $9,000. We will have to travel out of state for our second regional and it will cost approximately $4,000 for the bus and $5,000 for lodging. Tools and parts for the robot will cost approximately $2,000. Many tools wear out after going through build season and need to be replace. We also go through materials that need to be replace annually such as wire, solder, bolts, screws, wood, metal, first aid supplies, etc... As our team grows, we need to get more safety glass. During our build season, we work past the dinner our many nights. We try to have a "family" dinner to make sure our students eating properly and build team chemistry.
Discipline Area(s):
Industrial Technology
Grade Level(s) Impacted:

Funding: 0%

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